Bereavement & Funeral Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, Thank you for sending us such a lovely bereavement card and sympathy message. And thanks so much for attending our baby’s funeral. We are in awe of your kindness and friendship. The outpouring of love you’ve given me and my husband has given us the strength and courage to face the difficult days … Read more

Bereavement Thank You Note Message

Dear _______________, There are not enough words to properly express how thankful I am for the incredibly moving tribute video you created for my grandfather’s Celebration of Life event. The anecdotes you included really captured the essence of his character. I was so moved by it. I also greatly appreciated your guidance in helping me … Read more

Bereavement Thank You Card Wording for Priest

Dear _______________, Thank you for overseeing my son’s funeral mass as the head priest for our church. I cannot thank you and Father _______________ enough for all the love and spiritual support you’ve provided to our family during this time of bereavement and great sorrow. Untimely passings are never easy, and we were completely unprepared … Read more

Bereavement & Funeral Thanks for Musician

Dear _______________, Thank you so much for playing the guitar and singing at my grandmother’s funeral service. Your God-given talents as a musician brought beauty, love and uplifting feelings of spiritual comfort to all who gathered with us that day. My whole family appreciates your kindness and personalized wording and touches to each song. Thanks … Read more

Bereavement Thank You for Celebration of Life Guests

Dear _______________, Thank you for joining our family at my father’s Celebration of Life memorial service. Over the years he touched so many lives in a special way. Thank for attending and sharing heartfelt personal stories of the fun times you had together as teenagers growing up in New York. He would have enjoyed hearing … Read more

Bereavement Wording for Thank You Cards

Dear _______________, Thanks so much for your words of comfort at my brother’s funeral. My parents and I were given a measure of peace knowing that this sweet, smart, handsome teen was so deeply loved by everyone who knew him. The memorial scrapbook you presented to our family is filled with so many loving memories. … Read more

Bereavement Thank You Message for Funeral Flowers

Dear _______________, You are always so thoughtful. Thank you for sending a beautiful sympathy card and large flower arrangement for my mother’s funeral. I greatly appreciate that you included an envelope filled with several photos of her when she was young. I had no idea that these even existed. I also appreciate that you labeled … Read more

Bereavement Thank You for Spiritual Counsel

Dear _______________, Thank you for providing me with wise spiritual counsel. It brought me a sense of comfort and peace during this very difficult period of bereavement. Your loving presence during my time of need helped me to bridge feelings of loss and bereavement to those of understanding and acceptance. I remember God’s promise of … Read more

Bereavement Thank You Message for Funeral Help

Dear _______________, It hasn’t been easy to handle the reality of my father’s sudden death. The bereavement process has been so hard. Thank you so much for coming to my assistance with funeral help and planning his service and memorial banquet. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and bouts of extreme … Read more