Christmas Thank You Note Wording Examples

Dear _______________,

Thank you for organizing a holiday lunch for our community volunteer group. It was fun exchanging Secret Santa gifts and enjoying a potluck meal with scrumptious Christmas cookies and holiday treats. My favorite part was singing Christmas carols as you played the piano and Adam played his guitar. That was so special! I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again for being such a wonderful hostess. I look forward to another great year of volunteering together.



PS: I’d love to have the recipe for your fabulous Peppermint Bark!

Christmas Thank You Notes | Printable Holiday Cards

Christmas Thank You Note

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for the gorgeous flamingo brooch. You know how much I love flamingos, and the rhinestones are so sparkly! I wasn’t expecting to receive a Christmas gift at work today. You are always so kind and thoughtful. I plan on wearing this lovely flamingo during the spring and summer months. It will look absolutely amazing on a light-weight, button-down white sweater over a dress. Or even on a scarf ,or on the ribbon of wide-brimmed sun hat. Thanks again for being so sweet.

Happy holidays!


Thanks for the Christmas Gift

Dear _______________,

You are so thoughtful. Thank you so much for the Christmas gift. The beautiful holiday ornament will be a perfect addition to our Christmas tree this year and for many years to come. Whenever we see it we’ll think of you and our friendship. And the box of truffles looks so yummy. We have a weakness for chocolate. I wish our families still lived down the block from one another instead of states apart, but you’re always on our minds. We look forward to seeing you again when you fly down for your sister’s wedding next month. Let us know which day you’ll be free to get together with us.

Many hugs,


Holiday Thank You Note

Dear _______________,

I really appreciate all of the beautiful Christmas presents you sent for the kids. The gift wrap is so gorgeous and festive. Your gifts sit lovingly under our holiday tree waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning. Your niece and nephew feel so incredibly spoiled and are filled with anticipation! Although you won’t be able to make it to our family gathering this year, we will all be thinking of you and sending love your way. Next year we’ll celebrate the holidays together, even if it means that we need to pack up and fly across the country to be with you. We shall make it happen. I love you more than words can say.



Christmas Thank You Card

Dear _______________,

It was such a joy to spend Christmas Eve with you and your awesome family! Thank you so much for inviting me and Alex to visit you during the holidays. We enjoyed meeting your extended family and taking part in your traditional Christmas dinner festivities. Your guest bedroom was beautiful and the bed was so comfortable. That mattress of yours provided us with an awesome night’s sleep. I hope you’ll come visit us in Connecticut this summer. We’d love to show you around the area and take you sailing. Thank you again for your incredible hospitality! We miss you already.

Love and hugs,


Christmas Thanks from a Military Family

Dear _______________

I just received your Christmas card, cookies and gifts in the mail this morning. Thank you so much! My eyes are all misted up with tears of joy. We love every single thing you sent. Your thoughtfulness always makes me smile. During the holidays it’s so hard being away from California, from you, and all of our family. I hope that next year we’ll be home for the holidays and able to spend a traditional Christmas together again. That’s our hope and dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of us, praying for us, and sending us your love. It means more to me than words can say. Please tell everyone hello, that we’re doing fine, and that we miss them dearly!

A million kisses and hugs,


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