Ideas for Employee Appreciation | Motivate + Inspire

Show your sincere gratitude to your employees on Employee Appreciation Day or any day of the year! Acts of recognizing employees’ accomplishments and letting them know how much they are valued goes a long way toward employee retention. Although a competitive benefits package and financial incentives are excellent tools to keep employees at your company, rewarding employees for a job well done with a few small perks at various points throughout the year is an excellent business practice. Not only does it keep moral high but it’s effective for inspiring and motivating your employees to keep up the good work and go the extra mile for you. Below are top employee appreciation ideas you can implement right now to foster a work environment that makes every employee feel valued.

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Employee Recognition and Appreciation Ideas

  • Say thanks in a handwritten thank you note
  • Reward your staff monthly with treats and sweets or a catered lunch
  • Recognize your employees’ accomplishments at an employee appreciation staff meeting
  • Offer financial incentives such as bonuses tied to annual performance goals
  • Give high-performing employees a meaningful salary increase rather than a meager raise
  • Communicate a mission statement that includes charity work performed on company time
  • Celebrate work anniversaries and important milestones with a restaurant lunch
  • Create a tradition of distributing Thanksgiving hams or turkeys to your employees
  • Organize a winter holiday dinner in December for employees and their spouses
  • Give employees a day off with pay when they achieve an important company-wide goal
  • Occasionally distribute branded swag or employee appreciation gifts they really want
  • Furnish the employee break room with comfortable chairs, tables and nice appliances
  • Provide employees with bottled water, good coffee, boxed tea bags, and other beverages
  • Establish a special parking space for your top performing employee of the month
  • Spread compliments like confetti: Say thank you, you’re doing a great job!
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