FREE Printable: Employee Farewell Greeting Card

When an employee retires or leaves for another reason, you want to send them off with a sincere employee farewell greeting card message. Although your feelings about the situation may be mixed, possibly ranging anywhere from sadness to joy, it’s good form to wish them well in the next phase of their life or career. When you end business relationships with your employees on a positive note you build a sense of goodwill. This is an important investment in the future as what past employees say about your company online, or feelings they share with others in person, may have a direct impact on your business as well as on the opinion of prospective employees.

Employee Farewell Card: Congratulations on Your Retirement

Download >> Congratulations on Retirement

FREE resource for thank you card wording: Retirement Farewell

The above retirement card is FREE for you to print and use! To provide you with a wider selection of greeting cards, I’ve included a few of my favorites below that are available for purchase.

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