Christmas Gifts for Teens and Tweens

TheseĀ  Christmas gifts for teens and tweens are gift ideas they’ll really love! These are the cool gifts for stylish kids and teenagers! Here you’ll find everything from electronics to toys to unique stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. These are the Christmas gifts they desire the most! What you’ll absolutely love is that you can order every single one of these gifts online from Amazon, a trusted shopping source with the best prices around. Spread the joy of the winter season. Happy Holidays from my hearth to yours!

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens | Christmas Gifts

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Stocking Stuffers for the Cool Kids

Delight your kiddos with these fun stocking stuffers. Invisible ink books are fantastic choices for teens and tweens. There’s awesome things here for each age group. If you’re still on the fence as to which Christmas gifts to choose, just think back to yesteryear when you were a kid and what toys would have been your favorites. Sometimes a vintage Christmas item is just the answer. So which toys do you like best? For me it’s the Fifteen Puzzle – completely retro and loads of fun!

HOLIDAY GIFTS | Tweens & Teens Who Love to Cook

All tweens and teens love to eat their favorite foods and scrumptious treats. And if you have boys you’ll know that they and their friends are hungry all the time. Encourage your tweens and teens to learn to cook so they can be self-sufficient in the kitchen. Teach them how to take care of your expensive cookware and cooking tools, and how to clean up as they go along. Consider enrolling them in a cooking class. You and they both will love to know that when they graduate high school and move onto college they’ll leave home with an awesome set of cooking skills!

HOLIDAY GIFTS | Exciting Board Games for Tweens

Fun interactive board games are great for playing with neighborhood friends, school friends and during family game nights. Bring the joy of strategy and vivid imagination together with these fabulous action-packed games that appeal to a wide age group. All games featured in this section have high customer reviews on Amazon.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Intriguing Board Games for Teens

These mind-bending board games for teens will keep them excited and ready for action-packed adventure! They’ll provide hours of challenging game play and intriguing entertainment. All games featured here have received excellent reviews online and make ideal holiday gifts for hard-to-shop-for teenagers. Give them a Christmas gift they’ll love to use again and again.

HOLIDAY GIFTS | Stylish Lunch Boxes + Totes

These super cute lunch boxes and totes are fun lunchtime accessories. Forget buying brown lunch bags and go the environmentally-friendly route with reusable containers. Say goodbye to boring lunch bags and ziplock sandwich bags, and say hello to whimsical fun! More beautiful styles are available for viewing when you use one of the links above that will send you to Amazon.

GIFT IDEAS | Gaming Chair + Smartphone Projector

Gaming chair with two speakers and a subwoofer for an awesome sound experience. This chair for teens has a built-in radio wireless receiver for listening to music, watching TV, or just relaxing at home. Add a DIY Smartphone Projector and this is one cool holiday gift for tweens and teens! They can stream YouTube videos, movies and photos onto a wall in their room straight from their cell phones and enjoy them with friends. Now how fun is that? Add a set of unique headphones and the best ever gift for teens is ready to go!


Tweens and teens love to craft and make things. What could be better than a Christmas gift of knitting tools, a learning to embroidery book or patchwork inspiration? These type of crafty gifts keep teens occupied for hours on end while they learn and experiment with a set of brand new skills. They’ll appreciate knowing how to knit a scarf for themselves, and in the future they can create beautiful handmade gifts for family and friends!


All girls love beauty-related gifts. These fabulous beauty tools are just what she’s hoping to receive this year. Chi styling tools are high-quality choices. A Bobbi Brown makeup guide will get your teen off on the right track. All girls use make up so you’ll want her to learn how to apply products appropriately. And in a beautiful way it’s a great gift for you too because you’ll no longer have to cringe at outlandish makeup applications as she gets ready in the morning and heads out the door! So in that respect, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Pair up two of these fabulous holiday gift ideas together and you’ll have your teen smiling from ear to ear on Christmas morning.


Let’s face it. Most teens crave electronics! These featured items are this year’s top electronic gifts for teens and tweens. I love the iPad arcade cabinet with a fun vintage style. This unique gaming device has a joy stick and buttons. It connects with their iPad via bluetooth. With authentic full-sized controls your teen will enjoy a full arcade experience! Help your kiddos celebrate the holidays in style with one or more of these fabulous gift selections. If you’ve been wondering what the cool kids will be unwrapping this holiday season, well here’s your answer!

GIFTS FOR TEENS | Adult Coloring Book + Calligraphy

The adult coloring book craze has taken hold everywhere and it’s easy to see why. They provide soothing, meditative relief on stressful days while providing and excellent an outlet for creativity. The art of calligraphy is also on the rise. Trendy handwritten quotes can be seen on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


These card games are super popular with the tweens and teens age group, and they’re also family favorites on game night. These card games are guaranteed to provide enjoyment for hours on end! However, it’s important to note the game Cards Against Humanity (created by high school students) is only suitable for teens age 17 years and up.


Mermaid tails for tweens, teens and adults are all the craze! They’re so snuggly and fun. Trendy practical gifts include socks with unique designs, and slouchy hats perfect for cold-weather days. Snazzy unicorn slippers sized for teens and adults are also quite the rage!

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Christmas Cards and Holiday Gifts

HOLIDAY CARDS | Unique Christmas Cards

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