Heartfelt Sympathy Gifts for Comfort and Support

These sweet sympathy gifts will honor a loved one’s memory. For additional gift ideas, visit our page: Gift Ideas. When a dear friend or family member has suffered a loss it’s appropriate and thoughtful to send a sympathy gift right after you’ve been given the news. Heartfelt sympathy gifts go a long way in showing your support and bringing a measure of comfort to dear ones in their time of need. Condolence flower bouquets are beautiful but last only a short period of time. A remembrance gift is something special that will be kept and treasured for decades to come.

Sympathy Gifts and Memorial Gift Ideas

Offer your condolences in a way that can soften the pain and offer emotional strength. The beautiful sympathy gifts and tokens of remembrance on this page were hand selected with love. Discover a special memorial gift and keepsake that is meaningful to the bereaved and honors the life of their loved one. Remember to include a sympathy card with your memorial gift.

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Sympathy Gifts + Memorial Gifts

These sympathy gifts are both thoughtful and appropriate. They’ll provide comfort in a difficult time. The bereaved will appreciate having a beautiful keepsake that expresses your love and support.

Sympathy Gifts | Sweet Remembrance Angel

These loving angel figurines communicate your heartfelt comfort and support.

Sympathy Gifts | Beautiful Memorial Candle

A memorial candle can be placed at the alter during the funeral service, at the memorial gathering, or near a photo of the loved one on a fireplace mantel or side table.

Sympathy Gifts | Memorial Figurine

Express your condolences with a beautiful memorial figurine. The bereaved can place this sweet sympathy gift in a special place within their home.

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Sympathy Gifts | Precious Memorial Box

A precious memorial gift box will be treasured for years to come. It can be used to hold sweet memories such as jewelry, locks of hair, or other special items.

Sympathy Gifts | Keepsake Guest Book

When a loved one passes the bereaved is encompassed by a whirlwind of emotions. Planning a funeral or memorial service can be overwhelming. Providing a thoughtful item like a guest book for the service or celebration of life event will be greatly appreciated by the bereaved. It’ll be one less thing they will have to worry about looking for and purchasing.

Sympathy Gifts | Beloved Pet Memorial Gifts

Beloved pets are members of the family. When we lose one it’s heartbreaking. These sweet memorial gifts will be much appreciated by a pet owners who are grieving the loss of their fur companion.

Sympathy Gifts | Lovely Sympathy Card

Write your heartfelt emotions inside a lovely sympathy card to provide emotional support and comfort to the bereaved. Sympathy cards should be mailed rather than hand delivered as this provides privacy for the bereaved when opening and reading your card. Your card can be accompanied by either a flowering plant, a condolence bouquet of flowers, or a thoughtful sympathy gift. When it comes to selecting the perfect memorial gift for a dear friend or family member there is no right or wrong. Let your heart be your guide.

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