Thoughtful Advice Thank You Notes

Thoughtful advice thank you notes go a long way to building and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships. Show gratitude for the incredibly helpful advice you received with a lovely handwritten thank you card. If the person who assisted you really went above and beyond, I highly recommend enclosing a small gift card for Starbucks, Amazon, Jamba Juice or a popular retailer.

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Advice Thank You Card for Guidance Counselor

Dear _______________,

I feel extremely grateful to have you as my school guidance counselor. Thanks so much for your advice! You are always so generous with your help and time. Without all of your advice and great suggestions about which colleges to apply for, I might have missed out on so many wonderful possibilities. Once I receive letters of acceptance from the universities that I applied to, I will return to your office to let you know which opportunities I have been presented with. Hopefully, you can continue to advise and counsel me on which college is the best choice for me and my particular major. Again, thank you so much for your helpful advice!

Warm regards,


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Advice Thank You Note

Dear ______________,

A high five to the best teacher and guidance counselor ever! You give awesome advice. Thank you for spending so much time with me and my parents over the last few months as we sorted through the maze of  possible scholarship options that I am qualified for. Writing and submitting so many essays, I feel like my head is still spinning. However, I’m happy to announce that I was successful in receiving a $2,000 scholarship from a large soda company, and an $8,000 scholarship from a well-known restaurant chain. Thank you again for all your help and terrific advice. My parents and I would like to invite you out for dinner one day next week at the restaurant of your choice. Just let us know what day and time will work with your schedule.


Advice Thank You Note Wording

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for the advice and extra time you put in after school helping me find and narrow down various college options. It’s been so hard to decide between the three different majors that I’m interested in. I took full advantage of Spring Break to go and look at some of the college campuses you and I had discussed. I met with counselors and/or professors as well as current students at each of these locations. I asked a lot of questions and received a lot of great information. Just a heads up – you’ll be seeing a bit more of me back in your office in the upcoming week! I hope you can offer more of your great advice on a few of these possible college options.  Each campus has so many pros and cons to consider.

Thank you again for everything.


Thanks for the Wonderful Advice

Dear _______________,

When it comes to dear friends, you’re the best! I really appreciate the excellent advice you offered me when we discussed my desire for a career change. I was really on the wall as to what direction to take. The strategy, research and planning tips you offered me have made all the difference in the world. Every piece of advice is actionable and makes good solid sense. Sometimes I have a whole stream of lofty goals but then I lack the know-how to get them accomplished. You have such an incredible wealth of ideas and knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to have dinner with me and offer so much sound advice. I greatly appreciate it!

Thanks a million,

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