How to Say Thank You for Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Receiving hundreds of birthday messages on Facebook feels fantastic. It’s an explosion of happiness and a great mood booster! However, responding to hundreds of birthday messages can definitely feel overwhelming. But here’s something you’ll be relieved to know: a quick comment “like” on each birthday wish is all that’s necessary for virtual Facebook friends who … Read more

Birthday Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, Oh my goodness! I was completely surprised to find my office decorated with beautiful birthday decorations. I felt so happy and joyful! Thank you so much for helping me celebrate my big day. Lately I hadn’t been too crazy about the idea of turning 30, but maybe starting a new decade isn’t so … Read more

Birthday Party Gift Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, Thank you so much for bringing Adam to Joe’s 3rd birthday bash. What an adorable dinosaur costume he was wearing! My husband and I had so much fun hosting the Halloween-themed birthday party for the kiddos. I was happy that everyone had a great time. Thank you also for the cute greeting card … Read more