Farewell Email to Employee or Intern

Dear _______________, It has been the greatest pleasure having you work as an intern here at _______________. Thank you for all the new business you’ve brought us over the past year. Although I still wish you would consider our offer to hire you after you finish college in June, I completely honor your decision to … Read more

Job Relocation Farewell Email

Dear _______________, It has been such a great pleasure working with you here in the Arizona office. Congratulations to you and your husband on getting married. As you move to Portland, Oregon for your husband’s new job, we will really miss you in this office. I feel grateful that you will remain with our company … Read more

Job Promotion Goodbye Email | A Thoughtful Farewell

Dear _______________, Congratulations on your job promotion! You worked hard and deserve this exciting new position. When you relocate to our business head quarters in California next week you’ll be missed here at our Dallas, Texas office. You are an inspiration to the rest of your team. Your promotion has motivated each one to reach … Read more

Retirement Farewell Wishes and Congratulations

Employee Retirement Farewell Message Dear________________, It’s always so hard to say goodbye to any of our incredible employees. Because you are also a dear personal friend, it’s that much harder to do. But on the same token I am so happy for you as you enter retirement. I know what a huge personal goal this … Read more