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Best Gift Ideas

2016 Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Gifts for Ages 6-8

Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is packed with unique and exciting Christmas gifts and toys for kiddos aged 6-8. Each of these special Christmas gift ideas was hand-selected with care. You’ll find beautiful items that stimulate the imagination and encourage your child’s creativity, and wonderful toys that provide hours of entertainment and delight. Christmas also provides you with the perfect opportunity to give your kiddos gifts that give the message LEARNING = FUN. If you love ordering holiday gifts online through Amazon, then this gift collection was made for just you! It’s shopping made easy. With this handy holiday gift guide you can whip through Santa’s list in no time flat. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Gifts for Ages 6-8

Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no cost to you for purchases made through links on this site.

CHRISTMAS TOYS | Delightful Stocking Stuffers

Aren’t these the sweetest stocking stuffers you ever did see? They’re perfect for the 6-8 age group. The retro pinball game is one of my favorites, and the wind up music boxes are so delightful! The Brain Quest flash cards are super engaging and fun. Gold Miner’s bubble gum is a special treat for kids out West. It’s a throwback to westward expansion and the gold-mining days! Which of these darling stocking stuffers do you like best?

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Mind-Bending Board Games

Most every kiddo loves playing board games! With so many new games out on the market it’s often difficult to narrow things down and pick out a board game that isn’t, well, lackluster and boring. So to make things easy I’ve done the investigative footwork for you. The gifts above are super fun to play and have received high ratings on Amazon from thoughtful parents like you!

BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Imagination + Creativity

On Christmas morning your kiddos will love receiving holiday gifts that spark their creativity and set their imaginations on fire. Every child should have a chance to experience the magic of spirograph. It’s guaranteed to provide hours of solo play which is great on a rainy day or when they feel inspired to create something colorful and unique. Another favorite is the large restaurant-style easel where they can explore and develop their artistic talents, record their thoughts, or use during the beautiful summertime as signage when setting up their lemonade stands. All in all each of these gifts are wonderful choices for children.


Remember how much fun it was as a child when you got together with a group of your friends for playtime or a sleepover? Which games did you reach for? The Christmas gifts above are spectacular favorites for kiddos of this generation. The rainbow parachute and tree swing are both excellent outdoor activities. And for indoor fun a treasured family standard is Chinese checkers! Other choices that are great for group play and family game nights include an exciting game of charades, or a fast-paced dice game. You can’t go wrong with any of these awesome Christmas toys.


Kids love crafts! They provide hours of solo enjoyment and provide an excellent outlet for creativity while encouraging your child to learn new skills. Do you remember the sheer joy of Paint by Number and Shrinky Dinks? How about making cootie catchers? Chances are high that your kiddos will love these activities too! Basically any craft set from Klutz is a real winner in my book. Boys love making paper flying dragons and designing amazing moving machines with Legos. All children will love The Book of Impossible Objects and Cat’s Cradle. Encourage your children to get crafty this holiday season. Introduce them to something new!


What’s not to love about card games? For one, they’re small and don’t take up much space in the toy and game cabinet. And second, they provide hours of sheer fun all year round. Parent and children love the versatility of being able to play these games nearly anywhere. And the affordable cost of these Christmas gifts will make any parent smile! The card games featured here are tons of fun and both kid and parent approved.

PARENT PICKS | Toys That Teach

Kids at this age are like beautiful little sponges, soaking up knowledge where ever they go. Now is the perfect time to introduce them to concepts and help them expand their fund of knowledge. My own kids absolutely loved the model of the human body model with take-apart pieces and the put-together model of the skeleton. When my daughter Ashley was a 4-year-old I used this model to help her memorize all of the bones of the body. It was my goal as a parent to make learning fun! One day in parent-participation preschool when my daughter fell down outside she told the teacher she had injured her patella (knee cap) and phalanges (bones of the hand and fingers). Let me tell you, the teacher and parent helpers were very surprised! Fellow parents rushed out to buy one of these models for their own kiddos. Now’s the time to start revving things up and adding to your children’s knowledge base like crazy. The above Christmas gifts will get you started. Help your children fall in love with learning.


Puzzles are an ideal gift for kids (and adults) of all ages. They provide happy entertainment for playing alone or with siblings and friends. If your child is age 6, I recommend purchasing a puzzle for 6+ and another for 8+ so there is room to grow. When you gently stretch your child’s capabilities they will rise to the occasion!


As busy families we spend a lot of time in the car going from Point A to Point B. Kids can get restless, impatient and flat out bored sitting in the backseat. Decrease the number of times they ask “are we almost there yet?” with these fun and engaging travel games. The license plate game and auto bingo can be played by everyone in the car. And treasured Highlights activity books like Little Hidden Pictures are perfect for kids ages 6-8.




If you visit a bookstore (or an online store) the sheer number of children’s book selections can be overwhelming. Which ones will my children love? Which books are truly amazing? When it comes to selecting children’s books here is my advice: There are only so many precious years that your youngster is a child. And that time melts fast! Fill his/her bookshelves with treasured children’s classics AND award-winning books. Leave all the others aside. In addition to those choices add in several incredible I SPY books filled with glorious picture riddles. These are the childhood gifts that are truly memorable.

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS | Electronics for Kids

There’s no sidestepping it. This is the generation that craves electronics. So make gift choices that create teachable moments. An iPad is a fantastic choice. Consider pairing it up with an iPad-related game such as Bloxels. The Osmo game series is also an excellent pick. Anything that gets kids thinking, creating and learning is a great thing all the way  around! And if your child shows an interest in the weather, a personal weather station is just the gift you’ve been looking for; there’s a special weather station just for girls and another one just for boys.

KID PICKS | Toys & Gifts Kids Love

These children’s classic gifts are beloved by kids everywhere! Do you remember the joy of playing Battleship? You’re kids will love it too! How about the beautiful Hearthsong harp with convenient playing cards? Bananagrams is a game that can be played alone or with others. Juggling is a great skill that’s fun to learn. Any one of these Christmas toys will be a real winner this holiday season.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Gift Ideas for Girls

These are some of the many Christmas gifts Santa will be bringing to happy girls this season. Which of these gifts are perfect for your child?

CHRISTMAS TOYS | Gift Ideas for Boys

Boys are full of energy and crave adventure! The flying monkey slingshot is a fun choice for the younger set, while older kiddos will enjoy a rock tumbler to shine up rocks in their growing collection. Great old-fashioned fun with marbles just got a new twist! Your child will love playing marbles on this fun marble mat and collecting and trading beautifully-colored marbles with friends. Do you live near a beach, a park or large outdoor area? A metal detector will provide hours of enjoyment as your child hunts for unknown treasures. If you’re still on the fence about which Christmas gift he’ll love most, an exciting game of Mouse Trap may be just the answer!

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens | Christmas Gifts

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE | For Tweens + Teens

These are the cool gifts you’ve been looking for all in one place! Online shopping for Christmas gifts just got easier. Take a look!

Christmas Cards and Holiday Gifts

HOLIDAY CARDS | Unique Christmas Cards

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to select beautiful Christmas Cards for family and friends. Say goodbye to boring cards and designs, and say hello to gorgeous high-quality cards everyone will love receiving. So take a peek. Make their season merry and bright!

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Christmas Gifts for Teens and Tweens

These  Christmas gifts for teens and tweens are gift ideas they’ll really love! These are the cool gifts for stylish kids and teenagers! Here you’ll find everything from electronics to toys to unique stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank. These are the Christmas gifts they desire the most! What you’ll absolutely love is that you can order every single one of these gifts online from Amazon, a trusted shopping source with the best prices around. Spread the joy of the winter season. Happy Holidays from my hearth to yours!

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens | Christmas Gifts

Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no cost to you for purchases made through links in this post.

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Stocking Stuffers for the Cool Kids

Delight your kiddos with these fun stocking stuffers. Invisible ink books are fantastic choices for teens and tweens. There’s awesome things here for each age group. If you’re still on the fence as to which Christmas gifts to choose, just think back to yesteryear when you were a kid and what toys would have been your favorites. Sometimes a vintage Christmas item is just the answer. So which toys do you like best? For me it’s the Fifteen Puzzle – completely retro and loads of fun!

HOLIDAY GIFTS | Tweens & Teens Who Love to Cook

All tweens and teens love to eat their favorite foods and scrumptious treats. And if you have boys you’ll know that they and their friends are hungry all the time. Encourage your tweens and teens to learn to cook so they can be self-sufficient in the kitchen. Teach them how to take care of your expensive cookware and cooking tools, and how to clean up as they go along. Consider enrolling them in a cooking class. You and they both will love to know that when they graduate high school and move onto college they’ll leave home with an awesome set of cooking skills!

HOLIDAY GIFTS | Exciting Board Games for Tweens

Fun interactive board games are great for playing with neighborhood friends, school friends and during family game nights. Bring the joy of strategy and vivid imagination together with these fabulous action-packed games that appeal to a wide age group. All games featured in this section have high customer reviews on Amazon.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Intriguing Board Games for Teens

These mind-bending board games for teens will keep them excited and ready for action-packed adventure! They’ll provide hours of challenging game play and intriguing entertainment. All games featured here have received excellent reviews online and make ideal holiday gifts for hard-to-shop-for teenagers. Give them a Christmas gift they’ll love to use again and again.

HOLIDAY GIFTS | Stylish Lunch Boxes + Totes

These super cute lunch boxes and totes are fun lunchtime accessories. Forget buying brown lunch bags and go the environmentally-friendly route with reusable containers. Say goodbye to boring lunch bags and ziplock sandwich bags, and say hello to whimsical fun! More beautiful styles are available for viewing when you use one of the links above that will send you to Amazon.

GIFT IDEAS | Gaming Chair + Smartphone Projector

Gaming chair with two speakers and a subwoofer for an awesome sound experience. This chair for teens has a built-in radio wireless receiver for listening to music, watching TV, or just relaxing at home. Add a DIY Smartphone Projector and this is one cool holiday gift for tweens and teens! They can stream YouTube videos, movies and photos onto a wall in their room straight from their cell phones and enjoy them with friends. Now how fun is that? Add a set of unique headphones and the best ever gift for teens is ready to go!


Tweens and teens love to craft and make things. What could be better than a Christmas gift of knitting tools, a learning to embroidery book or patchwork inspiration? These type of crafty gifts keep teens occupied for hours on end while they learn and experiment with a set of brand new skills. They’ll appreciate knowing how to knit a scarf for themselves, and in the future they can create beautiful handmade gifts for family and friends!


All girls love beauty-related gifts. These fabulous beauty tools are just what she’s hoping to receive this year. Chi styling tools are high-quality choices. A Bobbi Brown makeup guide will get your teen off on the right track. All girls use make up so you’ll want her to learn how to apply products appropriately. And in a beautiful way it’s a great gift for you too because you’ll no longer have to cringe at outlandish makeup applications as she gets ready in the morning and heads out the door! So in that respect, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Pair up two of these fabulous holiday gift ideas together and you’ll have your teen smiling from ear to ear on Christmas morning.


Let’s face it. Most teens crave electronics! These featured items are this year’s top electronic gifts for teens and tweens. I love the iPad arcade cabinet with a fun vintage style. This unique gaming device has a joy stick and buttons. It connects with their iPad via bluetooth. With authentic full-sized controls your teen will enjoy a full arcade experience! Help your kiddos celebrate the holidays in style with one or more of these fabulous gift selections. If you’ve been wondering what the cool kids will be unwrapping this holiday season, well here’s your answer!

GIFTS FOR TEENS | Adult Coloring Book + Calligraphy

The adult coloring book craze has taken hold everywhere and it’s easy to see why. They provide soothing, meditative relief on stressful days while providing and excellent an outlet for creativity. The art of calligraphy is also on the rise. Trendy handwritten quotes can be seen on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


These card games are super popular with the tweens and teens age group, and they’re also family favorites on game night. These card games are guaranteed to provide enjoyment for hours on end! However, it’s important to note the game Cards Against Humanity (created by high school students) is only suitable for teens age 17 years and up.


Mermaid tails for tweens, teens and adults are all the craze! They’re so snuggly and fun. Trendy practical gifts include socks with unique designs, and slouchy hats perfect for cold-weather days. Snazzy unicorn slippers sized for teens and adults are also quite the rage!

Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Gifts for Ages 6-8

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE | Christmas Gifts for Kiddos 6-8

A collection of awesome Christmas gift ideas for kids ages 6-8. You’ll discover age-appropriate stocking stuffers and holiday gifts they’ll love! Take a peek.

Christmas Cards and Holiday Gifts

HOLIDAY CARDS | Unique Christmas Cards

For unique holiday cards that make you look twice, be sure to visit our special page filled with beautiful Christmas Cards. If you’re tired of the same old boring cards and designs, these gloriously high-quality cards are just for you. So take a peek. Make your season merry and bright!

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Christmas Cards That Make You Look Twice!

If you’ve been searching for Christmas cards that will stand out from the crowd, look no further! These are the fabulous holiday cards that I have my eye on this season. They’re Christmas cards that literally make you look twice! The gorgeous unique styles and high-quality paper of these special holiday cards is what captures my attention. You’ll feel proud to send any one of these chic designs to family and friends to make their holiday season merry and bright! And if you’re sending out a few dozen Christmas cards or holiday postcards this year, you can change things up a bit by sending a different design to different households. Get creative and have fun. Appreciation, gratitude, hope and celebration are sprinkles of delight that help make this winter season so incredibly special. And that’s why at the bottom of this post I’ve included a special Christmas gift just for you. It’s a FREE printable Christmas card that you can conveniently print right from home. From my hearth to yours, Happy Holidays!

Christmas Cards and Holiday Gifts

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase I may receive a commission.

Glamorous Christmas Cards

Oh my goodness! There’s just so much love on this page. I absolutely adore this style of holiday cards because it’s so uncommon and unique. And just look at those beautiful, crisp designs and thick envelopes. For me it’s love at first sight!

Delightful Christmas Cards

Everyone looks forward to receiving beautiful holiday cards! And my family is no exception. When it comes time to shop for the perfect set of Christmas cards to mail out to others, I prefer cards that are printed in vibrant inks on card stock that’s nice and thick. And I’m always keeping an eye out for quality envelopes too. Because a great envelope is something of beauty all on its own!

Holiday Cards That Make You Look Twice!

Now how darling are these Christmas cards? Seriously. Each one is super special. I really can’t pick a favorite because I love them all! Which one will you choose?

Holiday Greeting Cards That Are Extra Special

These holiday greeting cards are extra special. Just one look will tell you why. The ultra fabulous designs are far from those ordinary cards that you can pick up at any convenience store in town. These beauties are the types of Christmas cards that you’ll find at specialty paper stores and high-end boutiques. But here you can purchase them from Amazon at a fraction of the cost! That’s enough to make any holiday brighter.

Holiday Postcards to Make the Season Bright

Holiday postcards are super fun. And this collection of cards is just too adorable for words. They’re just so stinkin’ cute! Do you spot a favorite among the bunch? If I had to choose just one it would end in a tie between the Santa snow globe postcard and the Nutcracker one. But I know my own family would love one of each!

Holiday Gift Tags for Christmas Gifts

These stylish traditional gift tags are printed on high-quality paper stock with beautiful ink and images. When it comes to sweet and colorful illustrations on gift cards and accessories, if you’re a bit like me you’ll find it hard to pick just one!

FREE Printable Christmas Cards

I love creating freebies! And to celebrate the season, here’s a printable Christmas Card for you to enjoy. Simply down download the PDF, press print and you’re ready to go. I’ve uploaded two sets of cards – one with a dark background and one with a light background so you can print just your favorite or print them both ways.

Christmas Card Printable and Gift Ideas


Holiday Card Printable and Christmas Gift Ideas


Holiday Gift Guide for Teens and Tweens | Christmas Gifts


The best holiday gift guide this season: Christmas gifts for teens and tweens.

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10 Employee Appreciation Gifts They’ll Love

Your employees are the backbone of your company. It’s important to recognize their work and accomplishments with handwritten thank you notes, verbal affirmations, and from time to time with employee appreciation gifts. It’s about connecting with your employees and building strong, meaningful, lasting relationships within the workplace. Employee appreciation goes a long way toward improving employee performance while nurturing employee commitment and company loyalty. Below is a wonderful collection of gift ideas that your employees will really appreciate. Don’t wait until March rolls around to recognize and celebrate your stellar staff on Employee Appreciation Day. Any day of the year can be a great opportunity to establish a work culture where gratitude and appreciation thrive. Be that special supervisor and company that employees love working for. After all, word travels fast. You’ll begin to attract even more awesome workers who are ready to work hard and will go the extra mile for you.

Employee Appreciation Gifts | Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no cost to you for purchases made through links on this site.

Employee Recognition Gift Ideas | Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are always on the mark. Everyone uses technology so these type of gifts are real winners. Affordable tech gifts include a folding rapid wall charger that can be used for Apple, Samsung and android devices. Another spin on the same idea is a 3-port smart car charger. In my opinion, you can never have too many chargers!

Employee Gifts | Lovely Journal

A fine quality journal is a wonderful employee gift. Select a more feminine journal for women, and a more masculine-looking journal for men. These employee gifts are excellent for artistic people who enjoy writing or sketching as a means of self-expression. Journals are also ideal for employees who travel frequently and enjoy recording their adventures, thoughts, and notes. These employee gifts should be for personal rather than business use.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas | Stylish Scarf

Warm their hearts with a handsome stylish scarf. When it comes to employee appreciation gifts this is a very safe choice as most everyone can use a scarf during the cool-weather months. When gifting scarves to more than one employee, be sure to change things up a bit by selecting a variety of high-quality scarves in different colors, patterns and styles. You can distribute hand-written thank you cards to your employees and at the bottom of the card let them know you have a basket in your office with a collection of beautiful scarves and they’re invited to come select their favorite one!

Employee Recognition Gifts | Business Card Holder

For employees who carry company business cards in their wallets, a handy business card holder is an excellent employee recognition gift. If gifting these to large groups of employees, ensure the style you choose will have mass appeal. From an employer perspective, a great plus is that business card holders are very affordable employee gifts.

Employee Gifts | Lunch Tote + Reusable Bags

Reusable lunch totes plus a set of reusable sandwich and snack bags are good for your employees and great for the environment! The beautiful totes above are perfect for your female employees, but there are plenty of choices available online for more manly options: Black Neoprene Lunch Tote.

Employee Appreciation Gifts | Travel Mug

Many employees enjoy having a delicious cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate on their way to work, at their desks in the morning, or on coffee breaks taken mid-day. These beautiful travel mugs are employee gifts they’ll really appreciate having. Workers can also use them on weekends, when taking road trips, or when camping and enjoying the great outdoors. Select an insulated mug that best fits your employee’s work environment or lifestyle.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas | Movie Passes

Most everyone loves the gift of entertainment! Give your celebrated employees an employee appreciation gift that they’ll be excited to use. Purchase movie gift cards or Fandango gift cards online or walk into your local theater and buy movie and popcorn certificates in bulk. These types of employee gifts are also great for motivating your staff to work harder and more efficiently. Set monthly or quarterly goals and encourage them to meet and/or surpass them to earn movie tickets to their favorite theater.

Employee Recognition Gift | Rain Umbrella

A rain umbrella is a very practical and useful employee gift. Choose a high-quality, sturdy umbrella that will last for years to come. And when it comes to selecting affordable employee gifts that won’t break the bank, this one is right on the money!

Employee Gifts | Monthly Planner

For employees that are great at organization or wish they could be more organized, a personal weekly or monthly planner is an ideal employee gift. Most folks have busy family lives filled with myriad activities, appointments and other commitments. Help them stay on top of things with this very thoughtful gift.

Best Employee Gifts | Starbucks Gift Card

Play it safe with a popular employee appreciation gift. Starbucks gift cards are available in various dollar increments which allows you the employer to stay on budget. These are handy and convenient rewards your employees will appreciate. And if you put them inside an employee appreciation greeting card, no gift wrap is necessary!

Don’t Forget: Employee Appreciation Card

A handwritten message expressing sincere appreciation and thanks will really resonate with your employees. I firmly believe that in all aspects of life you can never say thank you enough to those special people who are the wind beneath your wings.

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18 Housewarming Gifts Your Friends Actually Want

When selecting a housewarming gift for family and friends it’s important that the gift you choose does not infringe on their own personal taste and style. While you might adore vibrant colors and items with a Bohemian theme, they might prefer more subtle tones or perhaps a modern black-and-white color scheme. With this in mind, never give a housewarming present that you fully expect to see displayed out in the open within their home on a future visit or you may get your feelings hurt. When it comes to the size of housewarming gifts, a smaller item is a much better choice than a larger item as it will not take up valuable shelf, counter or storage space. Each of the housewarming gifts below were hand-picked for timeless beauty and superior quality with a nod to classic taste that will be welcomed in any home. Happy shopping!

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no cost to you for purchases made through links in this post.

Housewarming Gifts | Slate Cheeseboard + Knives

When it comes to stylish housewarming gifts people really want, a rustic slate cheeseboard is on the top of their wish list. This slate cheeseboard is non-porous, food safe, dishwasher safe, and has anti-slip padded feet. It includes a soapstone pencil so the names of cheeses can be written right on the slate. The gourmet cheese knife gift set includes a perforated semi-soft cheese knife, a semi-hard cheese knife with fork tip, and a Parmesan or hard cheese knife. These beautiful knives with triple-riveted handles were handcrafted in Portugal from high-carbon, not stainless steel. These are useful housewarming gifts they’ll use for decades to come!

Most Wanted Gifts | Authentic Molcajete

This beautiful, oversized, authentic molcajete is made in Mexico from genuine lava rock. Don’t be fooled by non-authentic cement molcajetes. Go for the real thing! They’ve love being able to make delicious homemade moles, salsas and guacamole in their new molcajete. This is an heirloom housewarming gift that will be treasured and used for decades to come. Dimensions: 12″ diameter, 8″ total height. Weight is approximately 35 pounds. This item is from trusted retailer Sur La Table.

New Homeowner Gifts | Spoon Rest + Bamboo Spoons

A classic new homeowners gift idea is a spoon rest plus bamboo cooking and serving spoons. These bamboo beauties are from The Pampered Chef! Spoon rests beautify countertops during cooking while keeping surfaces clean. And when it comes to favored cooking utensils, homeowners can never have enough high-quality items for their kitchens. Surprise your friend or family member with a very practical and useful housewarming gift.

Traditional Housewarming Gift | Wine Bottle Opener

This deluxe rabbit wine bottle opener boasts an ergonomic design that allows for hassle-free cork removal from any size bottle of wine or champagne. It conveniently comes with a premium foil cutter. We love that it arrives ready to go in an attractive gift box. This traditional housewarming gift is perfect when paired up with a lovely wine bottle stopper or a nice bottle of wine.

Gift Ideas | Agate Beverage Coasters

These attractive beverage coasters make a very handsome housewarming gift. Because they are made from natural agate formations, the characteristics of each coaster will vary. This gorgeous gift will be the talk of the evening, and will be put to use right away protecting delicate surfaces from dampness and staining. There’s no need to show up with a housewarming gift that’s run-of-the-mill when you can select something that’s completely unique and very special.

Best Housewarming Gift | Hurricane Candle Holder

The lovely glass candle holder with geometric shapes and metallic gold is a very thoughtful housewarming gift for family and friends. The stylish white hurricane candle holder is a home accessory item that’s very versatile. It can be placed in almost any room and will seamless blend into the decorating theme of any home.

Housewarming Gift Ideas | Ceramic Platter

This darling platter with a sophisticated hand-painted design is perfect for serving biscuits, cookies and snacks. It will look beautiful on any table, and it’s small enough that it won’t take up too much cupboard space between uses. This is a delightfully thoughtful housewarming gift that will compliment any home’s decor. Size: 11 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches.

Affordable Housewarming Gifts | Ceramic Mugs

These handsome glazed mugs are crafted from ceramic stoneware with hand-painted designs. They are durable and non-toxic as well as microwave and dishwasher safe. These vibrant colored mugs invite the user to enjoy their coffee, tea or hot chocolate in style. This is an excellent and affordable housewarming gift.

Housewarming Gifts | Copper Measuring Tools

These glimmering copper-plated measuring spoons and measuring cups from gourmet retailer Sur La Table make excellent housewarming gifts for new homeowners. All avid cooks and bakers can use an additional set of extra-special measuring tools in their kitchens. Ships from and sold by Sur La Table. Gift wrap is available for these items.

Housewarming | Baguette Board or Serving Bowl

A rustic French baguette board is perfect for entertaining or as an eye-catching display item. It’s handmade, unique and one-of-a-kind. An oval handcrafted bowl made from Acacia wood harvested with the environment in mind is ideal for special occasions or everyday use. These housewarming gifts are guaranteed to generate happiness and smiles! Which one of these fashionably elegant gifts do you like most?

Housewarming Party Gift | Butcher Block

Each of these stylish, extra-thick butcher blocks will not warp or damage expensive knives. They are crafted from Acacia wood which is known for it’s quality, durability, gorgeous contrasting patterns and beautiful hues. Butcher blocks are very versatile housewarming gifts. They can be used as a prep station, for cutting, and for serving. This is a luxury item that will grace any countertop and delight its users for decades to come.

Practical Housewarming Gift | Kitchen Towels

Every kitchen can use a fresh new set of kitchen towels. These lovely vintage towels are a generous size (28″x”20″) made from 100% cotton with a Herringbone weave and can be bleached. This is a very thoughtful and practical housewarming gift that will get plenty of use right from the start. If you’d like, you can pair up the kitchen towels with a cute scrubber or a set of kitchen washcloths.

Top Gifts | Paella Cookbook + Paella Pan

This traditional, authentic paella pan is the real deal. It’s made in Spain from carbon steel which is a great heat conductor. This 15-inch paella pan is the perfect size for serving 6 adults. It can be used right on the stovetop or on the grill. A paella pan paired up with a paella cookbook makes a unique housewarming gift that is extra special. Don’t be surprised if later you end up wishing you had a paella pan of your own!

Elegant Housewarming Gift | Moscow Mule Mugs

Elegant Moscow mule mugs in 100% copper is an excellent choice for a housewarming gift. Their favorite drinks will stay colder longer, and these delightful mugs will reduce ice melt preventing diluted drinks. This lovely hammered look is absolutely stunning! Which design calls out to you more?

Top Housewarming Gift | Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

This stylish salt & pepper grinder set receives five stars on Amazon with more than 500 customer reviews. I love that they’re made with clear glass, have brushed stainless steel tops and a strong ceramic grinding core. Manual operation means no more batteries. The set comes in a lovely gift box ready to present at an upcoming housewarming party. This useful, practical housewarming gift will be much appreciated by whomever receives it! The mills do not come filled with spices, so you’re free to select the type of peppercorns and sea salt you wish to include.

New Homeowner Gift | Vintage Recipe Tin + Cards

A throwback to yesteryear, this gorgeous vintage recipe box is a fabulous housewarming gift. It will bring a touch of beauty and nostalgia to any kitchen countertop or shelf. Be sure to include a set or two of pretty recipe cards so treasured family favorites can be recorded by hand. This thoughtful and unique present will be a clear winner among all new homeowner gifts they receive!

Stylish Housewarming Gifts | Beautiful Teapot

These precious teapots by Tea Forte are ideal for making tea for two, and are very affordable housewarming gifts. Each gloss-glazed ceramic teapot has a hinged lid and a stainless steel tea infuser for brewing loose-leaf tea. They can also be used for brewing tea with tea bags. These teapots are easy to care for and are dishwasher safe. When it comes to selecting housewarming gifts they’ll really enjoy, I love the sweet Lotus teapot. Which one is your favorite?

New Homeowner Gifts | Jar Candle

Made in the USA, each of these high-quality candles will burn for 100+ hours. These gorgeous containers are made from mouth-blown glass to beautifully accent spa scents comprised of exotic fragrances: tropical fruits, lemons, limes, sugared oranges, with a light touch of fragrant greens. Give their brand new home a lovely scent and warm glow with this ideal new homeowner gift. Dimensions: 5″ high, 4″ wide.

Vacation Home Housewarming Gifts | Trinket Dishes

Is the housewarming party you’re attending for a vacation home on the coast? Super sweet trinket dishes are thoughtful and affordable housewarming gifts. They’re perfect for placing on a bedside table, a desk, foyer table, or bathroom counter. They can be used for holding keys, jewelry, buttons, and little bits of this and that. They can also be used as decor accent pieces. For a beach home, summer cottage or sun porch, the sea life or vintage bathing suit trinket dishes are ideal housewarming gifts.

Greeting Cards | Beautiful Housewarming Card

Remember to include a lovely housewarming greeting card with your perfect housewarming gift!

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Gifts for Teachers | Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teachers are classroom rock stars! They put an overflow of energy, love, and time into teaching our children and enriching their lives. They introduce new ways of thinking and problem solving. They provide resources to help our children build up their funds of knowledge. As parents it’s important that we show our appreciation to both teachers and school staff. Below are thoughtful teacher appreciation gift ideas. Remember to include a lovely handwritten thank you note with your teacher appreciation gift. It will go a long way in reinforcing good parent-teacher communication. Because teachers always appreciate positive feedback, a thoughtful thank you note expressing gratitude will make your child’s teacher feel super appreciated! If you’re not sure what to write inside your teacher thank you note, find beautiful wording examples here: Teacher Thank You Notes.


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Best Teacher Gifts | Calligraphy Set

Teachers love good penmanship. Throughout the school year they create bulletin boards, write on the chalkboard, and create special signage. The art of calligraphy is a skill they’d love to master! A calligraphy book and pen set is a fabulous teacher gift they will actually use.

Best Teacher Gifts | Charm Bracelet for Teachers

Either of these beautiful charm bracelets will be adored by your child’s teacher! They are very thoughtful teacher appreciation gifts. My personal favorite is the Tree of Life Alex and Ani bracelet. What’s yours?

Teacher Appreciation Gifts | Teacher Figurine

When one of these precious figurines is accompanied by a sweet thank you note to teacher it will make an awesome teacher appreciation gift. Each lovely statue is hand carved by artist Susan Lordi right in her art studio located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Christmas Gift for Teacher | Teacher Ornament

Any one of these lovely Hallmark keepsake ornaments will make a thoughtful teacher’s gift for male and female teachers alike. A special high-quality ornament is a great Christmas present for your child’s teacher. This happy holiday gift can be hung on a Christmas tree, near a window, or in the classroom. I love the owl in the hot air balloon. Which one do you like most?

Preschool Teacher Gift Ideas | Teacher’s Apron

A darling apron is an ideal gift for preschool and kindergarten teachers. Whether this is a Christmas gift or a teacher appreciation gift, she can wear her special apron at school or when cooking and baking at home. Because of their versatility and buttery softness after a few washes, my favorite aprons are the styles shown on the second and third rows.

Gifts for Teachers | Handy Classroom Supplies

Each and every year teachers spend a lot of their own money purchasing necessary classroom supplies for themselves and their students. New and veteran teachers alike will greatly appreciate any type of organizational items, teaching aids, and other consumable products. All of the items above make excellent teacher appreciation gifts!

Teacher Gift | Handy Tote or Duffle Bag

While female teachers may prefer a handy teacher’s tote, a male teacher will love receiving a handsome duffle bag. These very practical teacher gifts will get plenty of use year after year!

Teacher Gifts | Gift Cards for Teacher

No gift is more versatile and practical than a teacher gift card. My favorite is an Amazon gift card because your child’s teacher can purchase items for the classroom, products for home, or something uniquely personal. Other teacher gift cards that are always much appreciated are those from a well-known retailer, Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, a popular restaurant chain, or Fandango.

Thank You Gift for Teacher | Personalized Stationery

Most everyone loves beautiful personalized stationery. This is a terrific teacher gift for both males and females. Simply choose the style you like most and you’re all set to go! Your teacher will really appreciate this very thoughtful gift.

Teacher Gift Idea | Journal + Labels & Stickers