2016 Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Gifts for Ages 6-8

Our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide is packed with unique and exciting Christmas gifts and toys for kiddos aged 6-8. Each of these special Christmas gift ideas was hand-selected with care. You’ll find beautiful items that stimulate the imagination and encourage your child’s creativity, and wonderful toys that provide hours of entertainment and delight. Christmas also provides you with the perfect opportunity to give your kiddos gifts that give the message LEARNING = FUN. If you love ordering holiday gifts online through Amazon, then this gift collection was made for just you! It’s shopping made easy. With this handy holiday gift guide you can whip through Santa’s list in no time flat. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Holiday Gift Guide | Christmas Gifts for Ages 6-8

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CHRISTMAS TOYS | Delightful Stocking Stuffers

Aren’t these the sweetest stocking stuffers you ever did see? They’re perfect for the 6-8 age group. The retro pinball game is one of my favorites, and the wind up music boxes are so delightful! The Brain Quest flash cards are super engaging and fun. Gold Miner’s bubble gum is a special treat for kids out West. It’s a throwback to westward expansion and the gold-mining days! Which of these darling stocking stuffers do you like best?

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Mind-Bending Board Games

Most every kiddo loves playing board games! With so many new games out on the market it’s often difficult to narrow things down and pick out a board game that isn’t, well, lackluster and boring. So to make things easy I’ve done the investigative footwork for you. The gifts above are super fun to play and have received high ratings on Amazon from thoughtful parents like you!

BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Imagination + Creativity

On Christmas morning your kiddos will love receiving holiday gifts that spark their creativity and set their imaginations on fire. Every child should have a chance to experience the magic of spirograph. It’s guaranteed to provide hours of solo play which is great on a rainy day or when they feel inspired to create something colorful and unique. Another favorite is the large restaurant-style easel where they can explore and develop their artistic talents, record their thoughts, or use during the beautiful summertime as signage when setting up their lemonade stands. All in all each of these gifts are wonderful choices for children.


Remember how much fun it was as a child when you got together with a group of your friends for playtime or a sleepover? Which games did you reach for? The Christmas gifts above are spectacular favorites for kiddos of this generation. The rainbow parachute and tree swing are both excellent outdoor activities. And for indoor fun a treasured family standard is Chinese checkers! Other choices that are great for group play and family game nights include an exciting game of charades, or a fast-paced dice game. You can’t go wrong with any of these awesome Christmas toys.


Kids love crafts! They provide hours of solo enjoyment and provide an excellent outlet for creativity while encouraging your child to learn new skills. Do you remember the sheer joy of Paint by Number and Shrinky Dinks? How about making cootie catchers? Chances are high that your kiddos will love these activities too! Basically any craft set from Klutz is a real winner in my book. Boys love making paper flying dragons and designing amazing moving machines with Legos. All children will love The Book of Impossible Objects and Cat’s Cradle. Encourage your children to get crafty this holiday season. Introduce them to something new!


What’s not to love about card games? For one, they’re small and don’t take up much space in the toy and game cabinet. And second, they provide hours of sheer fun all year round. Parent and children love the versatility of being able to play these games nearly anywhere. And the affordable cost of these Christmas gifts will make any parent smile! The card games featured here are tons of fun and both kid and parent approved.

PARENT PICKS | Toys That Teach

Kids at this age are like beautiful little sponges, soaking up knowledge where ever they go. Now is the perfect time to introduce them to concepts and help them expand their fund of knowledge. My own kids absolutely loved the model of the human body model with take-apart pieces and the put-together model of the skeleton. When my daughter Ashley was a 4-year-old I used this model to help her memorize all of the bones of the body. It was my goal as a parent to make learning fun! One day in parent-participation preschool when my daughter fell down outside she told the teacher she had injured her patella (knee cap) and phalanges (bones of the hand and fingers). Let me tell you, the teacher and parent helpers were very surprised! Fellow parents rushed out to buy one of these models for their own kiddos. Now’s the time to start revving things up and adding to your children’s knowledge base like crazy. The above Christmas gifts will get you started. Help your children fall in love with learning.


Puzzles are an ideal gift for kids (and adults) of all ages. They provide happy entertainment for playing alone or with siblings and friends. If your child is age 6, I recommend purchasing a puzzle for 6+ and another for 8+ so there is room to grow. When you gently stretch your child’s capabilities they will rise to the occasion!


As busy families we spend a lot of time in the car going from Point A to Point B. Kids can get restless, impatient and flat out bored sitting in the backseat. Decrease the number of times they ask “are we almost there yet?” with these fun and engaging travel games. The license plate game and auto bingo can be played by everyone in the car. And treasured Highlights activity books like Little Hidden Pictures are perfect for kids ages 6-8.




If you visit a bookstore (or an online store) the sheer number of children’s book selections can be overwhelming. Which ones will my children love? Which books are truly amazing? When it comes to selecting children’s books here is my advice: There are only so many precious years that your youngster is a child. And that time melts fast! Fill his/her bookshelves with treasured children’s classics AND award-winning books. Leave all the others aside. In addition to those choices add in several incredible I SPY books filled with glorious picture riddles. These are the childhood gifts that are truly memorable.

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS | Electronics for Kids

There’s no sidestepping it. This is the generation that craves electronics. So make gift choices that create teachable moments. An iPad is a fantastic choice. Consider pairing it up with an iPad-related game such as Bloxels. The Osmo game series is also an excellent pick. Anything that gets kids thinking, creating and learning is a great thing all the way  around! And if your child shows an interest in the weather, a personal weather station is just the gift you’ve been looking for; there’s a special weather station just for girls and another one just for boys.

KID PICKS | Toys & Gifts Kids Love

These children’s classic gifts are beloved by kids everywhere! Do you remember the joy of playing Battleship? You’re kids will love it too! How about the beautiful Hearthsong harp with convenient playing cards? Bananagrams is a game that can be played alone or with others. Juggling is a great skill that’s fun to learn. Any one of these Christmas toys will be a real winner this holiday season.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS | Gift Ideas for Girls

These are some of the many Christmas gifts Santa will be bringing to happy girls this season. Which of these gifts are perfect for your child?

CHRISTMAS TOYS | Gift Ideas for Boys

Boys are full of energy and crave adventure! The flying monkey slingshot is a fun choice for the younger set, while older kiddos will enjoy a rock tumbler to shine up rocks in their growing collection. Great old-fashioned fun with marbles just got a new twist! Your child will love playing marbles on this fun marble mat and collecting and trading beautifully-colored marbles with friends. Do you live near a beach, a park or large outdoor area? A metal detector will provide hours of enjoyment as your child hunts for unknown treasures. If you’re still on the fence about which Christmas gift he’ll love most, an exciting game of Mouse Trap may be just the answer!

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HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE | For Tweens + Teens

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Christmas Cards and Holiday Gifts

HOLIDAY CARDS | Unique Christmas Cards

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to select beautiful Christmas Cards for family and friends. Say goodbye to boring cards and designs, and say hello to gorgeous high-quality cards everyone will love receiving. So take a peek. Make their season merry and bright!

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