10 Employee Appreciation Gifts They’ll Love

Your employees are the backbone of your company. It’s important to recognize their work and accomplishments with handwritten thank you notes, verbal affirmations, and from time to time with employee appreciation gifts. It’s about connecting with your employees and building strong, meaningful, lasting relationships within the workplace. Employee appreciation goes a long way toward improving employee performance while nurturing employee commitment and company loyalty. Below is a wonderful collection of gift ideas that your employees will really appreciate. Don’t wait until March rolls around to recognize and celebrate your stellar staff on Employee Appreciation Day. Any day of the year can be a great opportunity to establish a work culture where gratitude and appreciation thrive. Be that special supervisor and company that employees love working for. After all, word travels fast. You’ll begin to attract even more awesome workers who are ready to work hard and will go the extra mile for you.

Employee Appreciation Gifts | Employee Recognition Gift Ideas

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Employee Recognition Gift Ideas | Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are always on the mark. Everyone uses technology so these type of gifts are real winners. Affordable tech gifts include a folding rapid wall charger that can be used for Apple, Samsung and android devices. Another spin on the same idea is a 3-port smart car charger. In my opinion, you can never have too many chargers!

Employee Gifts | Lovely Journal

A fine quality journal is a wonderful employee gift. Select a more feminine journal for women, and a more masculine-looking journal for men. These employee gifts are excellent for artistic people who enjoy writing or sketching as a means of self-expression. Journals are also ideal for employees who travel frequently and enjoy recording their adventures, thoughts, and notes. These employee gifts should be for personal rather than business use.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas | Stylish Scarf

Warm their hearts with a handsome stylish scarf. When it comes to employee appreciation gifts this is a very safe choice as most everyone can use a scarf during the cool-weather months. When gifting scarves to more than one employee, be sure to change things up a bit by selecting a variety of high-quality scarves in different colors, patterns and styles. You can distribute hand-written thank you cards to your employees and at the bottom of the card let them know you have a basket in your office with a collection of beautiful scarves and they’re invited to come select their favorite one!

Employee Recognition Gifts | Business Card Holder

For employees who carry company business cards in their wallets, a handy business card holder is an excellent employee recognition gift. If gifting these to large groups of employees, ensure the style you choose will have mass appeal. From an employer perspective, a great plus is that business card holders are very affordable employee gifts.

Employee Gifts | Lunch Tote + Reusable Bags

Reusable lunch totes plus a set of reusable sandwich and snack bags are good for your employees and great for the environment! The beautiful totes above are perfect for your female employees, but there are plenty of choices available online for more manly options: Black Neoprene Lunch Tote.

Employee Appreciation Gifts | Travel Mug

Many employees enjoy having a delicious cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate on their way to work, at their desks in the morning, or on coffee breaks taken mid-day. These beautiful travel mugs are employee gifts they’ll really appreciate having. Workers can also use them on weekends, when taking road trips, or when camping and enjoying the great outdoors. Select an insulated mug that best fits your employee’s work environment or lifestyle.

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas | Movie Passes

Most everyone loves the gift of entertainment! Give your celebrated employees an employee appreciation gift that they’ll be excited to use. Purchase movie gift cards or Fandango gift cards online or walk into your local theater and buy movie and popcorn certificates in bulk. These types of employee gifts are also great for motivating your staff to work harder and more efficiently. Set monthly or quarterly goals and encourage them to meet and/or surpass them to earn movie tickets to their favorite theater.

Employee Recognition Gift | Rain Umbrella

A rain umbrella is a very practical and useful employee gift. Choose a high-quality, sturdy umbrella that will last for years to come. And when it comes to selecting affordable employee gifts that won’t break the bank, this one is right on the money!

Employee Gifts | Monthly Planner

For employees that are great at organization or wish they could be more organized, a personal weekly or monthly planner is an ideal employee gift. Most folks have busy family lives filled with myriad activities, appointments and other commitments. Help them stay on top of things with this very thoughtful gift.

Best Employee Gifts | Starbucks Gift Card

Play it safe with a popular employee appreciation gift. Starbucks gift cards are available in various dollar increments which allows you the employer to stay on budget. These are handy and convenient rewards your employees will appreciate. And if you put them inside an employee appreciation greeting card, no gift wrap is necessary!

Don’t Forget: Employee Appreciation Card

A handwritten message expressing sincere appreciation and thanks will really resonate with your employees. I firmly believe that in all aspects of life you can never say thank you enough to those special people who are the wind beneath your wings.

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