House Sitter Thank You Notes

These thoughtful thank you notes provide the perfect phrasing for thanking your house sitter for taking good care of your home. For FREE printable cards for your house sitter, visit this lovely page: Printable House Sitting Thank You Notes.

Thank You Note for House Sitting

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Thank You Notes for House Sitter

Dear _______________,

You are such a great friend! Thank you so much for stopping by to check in on my home when I was away for two weeks. That was incredibly kind. When I received a call that my parents were hospitalized and I needed to fly out of state that same day, I was worried and frazzled. I could barely think straight. You saw that I was in need and didn’t miss a beat offering to help me out. Thank you so much for house sitting for me. I feel so incredibly grateful to have a friend like you. I’ve enclosed a little gift that I hope you’ll love.

Bouquets of thanks,


House Sitter Thanks

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for stopping by after school to water my houseplants and refill the bird feeder in my backyard twice a week. Thanks also for staying the night and house sitting for me on weekends. Having someone at my home when I’m gone on business helps keep burglars at bay. If you would like to make house sitting a part-time business while you’re attending City College, just let me know and I’ll help spread the word. In my neighborhood of young business professionals who travel often you’ll have plenty of new clients lining up for your wonderful services. Enclosed is a check for house sitting plus a little something extra!

Warm regards,


Message of Gratitude for Home Sitting Services

Dear _______________,

You are an excellent house sitter! I’m so happy we connected through a mutual friend. As I travel often I need someone reliable to stay at my home to watch over things, keep an eye on my cat, and take care of my swimming pool. I love having a retired teacher as my house sitter. This great house sitting arrangement allows me to take on new out-of-state business clients without having to worry about my cat, pool and home. I greatly appreciate that you’ll continue to be my trusted home sitter!

Many thanks,


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