Money/Cash Gift Thank You Notes

On any occasion it’s exciting to receive a money gift. Now is the perfect time to write a thank you note expressing appreciation and gratitude for the monetary present. Learn right now how to write sincere thank you notes for cash gifts received for birthdays, graduation, weddings, and more.
Cash Gifts

When writing thank you cards for money gifts (cash gifts, a check or a gift certificate) never mention the specific dollar amount of the gift. However, within the body of your thank you note it’s always nice if you let the giver know you plan to use it. Every one who gives cash gifts would like to know that their decision to give a money gift rather than a physical item was the right choice. On this page you’ll find various thank you message wording for cash gift situations such as weddings, baby showers, graduations, birthdays, Christmas, and more! Fresh new thank you messages are added to this page each month. Download printable greeting cards for cash gifts: Printable Cards for Money/Cash Gifts 

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Thank You Note for Money / Cash Gift

Showing appreciation for gifts of money will give a warm fuzzy feeling to the people who were kind enough to give you that cash. Below are several thank you note wording examples that you can use when figuring out what to say in your greeting card. Don’t worry about being poetic. The words used when writing your thank you notes should best reflect your own voice and the way you speak in person when talking to others. As long as the thoughts you express are heartfelt and sincere, at the end of the day that’s really what matters most!

Cash Gift Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________,

I was so happy that you could join me for my special celebration. You’re always the life of the party and this event was no exception. The DJ was working hard to keep up with all our special music requests! Out on the dance floor we were killing the game! I loved that you had a chance to meet some of my friends from college. Thanks also for the very thoughtful cash gift. The money will be put to good use right away. This weekend I need take my car in for a set of brand new tires and brakes. Safety first! Thanks again for everything.



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Message of Gratitude for Money Gift

When I opened up my email this morning and discovered a sweet bridal shower message from you, I was filled with so much love and gratitude. And thank you for sending a thoughtful money gift to me via Paypal. That was so sweet and very generous. I really appreciate that. And what a great suggestion that I use it to purchase a Breville Sous Chef food processor like the one you have. I’m planning on ordering one online today. And being that you’re such a fabulous fabulous baker and cook, I would absolutely love it if you would share your top 10 favorite recipes with me. Thanks again for the gift of money. That was such a wonderful bridal shower gift!



Thank You Message for Graduation Cash Gift

I love it that you stopped by my graduation party to join the fun! Thank you for leaving a fun musical grad card in the big greeting card box that my aunt made for the gift table. I really enjoyed it. And thank you for the cash graduation gift. That money will come in very handy when I start shopping for some shirts, slacks, a jacket and new shoes for interviews. Send a few good luck wishes my way for finding a great job that pays well.

Thanks again,


Birthday Money Gift Thanks

Dear _______________,

Thank you for stopping by my office to wish me a happy birthday! That was so incredibly nice of you. Thanks also for the sweet gift of a card, a pink balloon and a cash gift for a mani/pedi. I felt so incredibly special and pampered. I’ve already made an appointment at the nail salon for Friday during lunch. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

Many hugs,


Money/Cash Gift Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas card and thoughtful cash gift to buy new clothes or shoes. That was so sweet of you to do this for me. I really appreciate it! To make this awesome money gift stretch a lot farther, I plan to wait and go shopping during the after-Christmas sales. I’ll be looking for a new pair of boots and/or a winter coat. Thanks again!

All my love,


Christmas Money Thanks

Dear __________,

I just received your lovely Christmas card in the mail. You are always so incredibly thoughtful! Thanks a million for the money gift. The Christmas cash will definitely come in handy when I go shopping for a sparkly new dress for the holidays. I love you both so much and miss you terribly. I hope you’ll be able to fly down and join us for New Years. We’re celebrating in grand style at Aunt Margaret’s spacious home. Thanks again for your generosity.

Happy Holidays,


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Money/Cash Gift Thank You Card Wording