Sympathy Messages

These heartfelt sympathy card messages acknowledge loss and grief in a sincere and caring way. Each condolence note carries a special message of love and remembrance for the deceased and their family.

Sympathy Messages: What to say in a sympathy card

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What to Say in a Sympathy Card

I’m so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. You have our sincere sympathy. May your journey to healing be sprinkled with love and beautiful memories.

My heart has been heavy since learning of the loss of your sister. I send love and prayers to help heal your grieving heart. My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family.

Please accept my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of your devoted mother. She was such a blessing to everyone who knew her. She will be dearly missed, but the loving memories that we have of her will continue to live forever in our hearts.

There are no words to fully express my sympathy for your loss. My heart is broken. Across the miles I send caring thoughts and loving prayers to you and your husband. May the outpouring of love and comfort by those around you bring the peace and courage you need.

Sympathy Card Messages and Condolence Wording

Our hearts reach out to you and your family during this very difficult time. May God’s love bring each of you peace and strength. Please accept our deepest sympathy.

We are heartbroken over your loss. Please know you can always count on us for anything you need. Our love and prayers are with you and your brother.

In my mind’s eye I can still see your uncle’s awesome smile and hear his contagious laugh. It’s so hard to believe he’s gone. I share your grief.

May the wings of angels embrace your family with comfort and love. May God fill your hearts with peace. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

We’re deeply sorry to learn your father has passed. We wish there was something we could do to take away your pain. Although it may seem he is no longer here, his memory will continue to live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who loved him. Whenever you think of him he’ll be at your side ready to love and assist you. Kisses and hugs from the Johnson family.

We surround and embrace you with our love and prayers during this very difficult time. No words can lessen the pain of losing your son, but we are here to help with whatever you need.

My sincerest sympathy on the loss of your sweet and generous mother. I send beautiful thoughts of love and remembrance. May the cherished memories of a lifetime fill your heart with joy and replace sadness with peace.

My deepest sympathy for the loss of your uncle. I send warm and comforting thoughts your way.

I’m so sorry for your loss. I feel privileged to have known your talented Aunt Margaret. She was one in a million. May God bless and comfort you during this time of bereavement.

My heart is saddened to learn of your brother’s passing. Please accept my condolences. I send wishes of peace and healing to you and your family.

I join you and your family in celebrating the memory of your wonderful grandmother. She lived a life filled with happiness, joy, humor and gratitude. I feel so blessed to have known her.

Sometimes there are no words that can truly communicate the depth of the feelings within our soul. But we want you to know that our hearts are shattered and we share your pain. Please accept our sincere sympathy over the loss of your brave and heroic son.

We’re thinking of you during this time of sorrow. We send sympathy, prayers and love.

May these flowers bring a bit of light into the darkness of your grief. We too loved your grandfather. He had the sweetest kindest soul and was willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. He will be greatly missed by everyone in the neighborhood.

Your mother’s beautiful soul will never be forgotten. She will live on forever in our hearts and minds. We offer our deepest condolences for your loss.

My condolences on the loss of your uncle. May your sadness be softened by the knowledge he is no longer in constant pain. He has now taken his place in Heaven where he can look over you and your family and send his love to you always.

With love we uphold you in our daily prayers. May the light of God shine through your sorrow bringing comfort, healing and peace. We send heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

Our sincerest condolences on the loss of your incredibly wonderful brother. Our broken hearts stand with you. We send love and healing thoughts to you and your family.

May the beautiful remembrances of your daughter provide the strength and hope you need during this very difficult time. Our deepest sympathy.

May your heart be lovingly wrapped in the arms of angels, and sustained by the precious memories you and your wife made together. You remain in our prayers today, tomorrow and always.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May your mother’s joyful smile, laugh and generous spirit be lovingly carried within the hearts of all who knew her.

We remember the life of your father with love. Our condolences on his passing.

I extend loving sympathy during this time of loss. I shall always remember your wife’s vivid life with the utmost joy. She had a beautiful way of scattering happiness wherever she went.

My sincere condolences on the loss of your cousin. During this time of bereavement I pray the Lord can ease your sorrow.

Though your tears may fall like rain, may remembrances of joyful happy times ease the pain. My heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

So many of my favorite childhood memories were made with you and your fantastic parents. It’s hard to believe they’re gone. Please accept my condolences.

My sympathy on the loss of your dear friend. May you find a measure of comfort knowing her memory will live on through the multitude of people who loved her.

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Words of Sympathy for Condolence Cards

My deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved wife. My heart aches with sorrow. I hold you close in my thoughts and prayers.

Your mother’s life was filled with love and grace. Over the years her charitable works left a lasting impact on the many lives she touched. She will be dearly missed.

Thinking of you and your family during this time of bereavement. My heart joins yours in celebrating the joyful, blessed life of your grandmother. She’s such an important part of so many of my cherished childhood memories.

Words of Sympathy for Condolence Cards | Bereavement Messages

I was saddened to learn of your grandmother’s passing. My sincere sympathy to you and your family.

Remembering the life of your incredible brother. He was highly influential in his field, and well respected by those he worked with. My sympathy to you and your loved ones.

It was such a pleasure to have known your cousin. I’m so sorry that she passed. I share your sadness.

Our heartfelt sympathy as you mourn the loss of your sister. She is remembered by our family with love and affection. We send comforting hugs and prayers your way.

Sending love to you and your family. May God provide each of you with the hope and strength you need during this time of deep sorrow. Our sincerest sympathy on your loss.

The memory of your beautiful wife will forever live on in our hearts and minds. We’re so sorry for your loss. Our deeply-felt sympathy on her passing.

No one we love and cherish is ever gone. They simply move into the vibrant spiritual realm filled with joy and happiness. They’re able to be with us in an instant whenever we think of them.

I extend heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your loved one. May she rest in peace.

These flowers arrive with prayers and loving condolences. Our thoughts are with you during this time of tragedy and loss. May you find a measure of comfort knowing your parents were deeply loved by the entire community. We share your heartbreak.

We’re so sorry to hear the news of your father’s passing. We send bouquets of love, prayers and sincere sympathy to you and your mother.

As you celebrate your sister’s life, may your hearts be healed by the joy of remembering her life well lived. Our sincere condolences on her passing.

It’s with deep sadness that we learned of the passing of your beautiful aunt. We extend prayers, compassion and sympathy. May God bless all of you during this very sorrowful time.

We hope that these flowers can bring some light and peace to your grieving heart. We remember how much she enjoyed gardening and gently caring for all living things. Whenever we see a beautiful landscape we shall think of her and extend heartfelt wishes of love and tranquility.

Your handsome adventurous brother will always be remembered for his incredible zest for life. When we heard of his accident our hearts were completely shattered. Please accept our loving condolences. We mourn with you and your family.

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Words of Sympathy for Condolence Cards