Lovely Wedding Thank You Note Wording

Dear _______________, Thank you for the wedding gift. You are just too generous! We love the beautiful ice blue KitchenAid stand mixer. This beautiful kitchen appliance was at the top of our wedding gift wish list. It will be used often and will grace our kitchen counter for years to come. The next time we … Read more

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, We hope this wedding thank you card finds you in good health. We were so happy that you and your lovely wife were able to attend our wedding in Napa. At the reception Mr. Smith and his wife thanked us for seating all of you at the same table. They greatly enjoyed the … Read more

Wedding Gift Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, We were so excited that you made it to our wedding! We were worried when we heard about your original flight being cancelled due to weather conditions. We feel so grateful that you went through so much to make it to our ceremony and celebration. Thank you for the wedding gift of white … Read more

Wedding Gift Thank You Card Message

Dear _______________, Thank you for attending our wedding. When we returned from our honeymoon we began to open up our wedding gifts. Your wedding gift was the largest and most beautifully wrapped so naturally we opened it first! We were completely blown away by your thoughtfulness and generosity. A stunning stainless steel BBQ is the … Read more

Thank You Note Wording Sample for Wedding Gifts

Dear _______________, Your presence at our Napa wedding was such an honor! Thank you for the beautiful wedding gift. It was such a wonderful surprise to arrive at our wedding table at the reception and see a gorgeous set of engraved champagne glasses waiting for us. They’re so lovely. We will cherish them for years … Read more

Wedding Thank You Card Wording & Phrases

Dear _______________, It was so wonderful to see you and your beautiful family at our wedding and reception. It was such a magical day filled with so much happiness and joy. Thank you for the wedding gift of cash and restaurant gift card for our honeymoon. Those were such thoughtful wedding presents. We will use … Read more

Wedding Gift Thank You Note Wording Examples

Dear _______________, Thank you for sharing our wedding day. We felt so honored that you made the long trip up north to see us tie the knot and help us celebrate our union. Your presence at our wedding added an additional ray of sunshine to an already beautiful afternoon. Thank you also for the gorgeous … Read more

Thank You Message for Wedding Gifts

Dear _______________, Thank you for coming to our wedding. Flying across country right after a business convention to help us celebrate our big day was such a remarkable feat! We were so thrilled that you could make it in time to attend our wedding reception. We are in awe of your graciousness. We deeply appreciate … Read more

Wedding Thank You Card for Best Man

Dear _______________, There are no words to properly thank you for being the Best Man at our wedding. From planning a first-rate bachelor party with all the groomsmen to helping us organize a last-minute change of venue for the rehearsal dinner, you were amazing! And we were so touched by your wedding toast and your … Read more

Wedding Thank You Note for Wedding Planner

Dear _______________, This simple thank you card for wedding planning cannot possibly contain enough words to completely express our appreciation. When it came time to select a wedding planner, we thank our lucky stars we found you! You are the best wedding planner in San Diego. We are still in awe when we look back … Read more

Wedding Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, Our hearts were filled with joy to have you as guests at our Aspen wedding. Thank you for the wedding gift of a wine club subscription from our favorite Napa, California winery plus a set of gorgeous wine glasses that are just our style. We look forward to receiving and enjoying our first … Read more

Destination Wedding Thank You Card

Dear _______________, Thank you for attending our destination wedding. Our hearts were overwhelmed with joy that you were both able to take time off work to join us in Maui. We know that it was an expensive trip for you to make, and we really appreciated you’re being there for us. We were delighted that … Read more