Employee Appreciation Thank You Cards

These employee appreciation thank you cards are free for you to use to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication. Everyone needs a few words of thanks and encouragement from time to time. Be an employer that generously sprinkles gratitude among your staff. New thank you note printables will be added to this … Read more

Printable Baby Shower Cards

I know you’re going to love this beautiful collection of baby shower thank cards that you can print from home! I had help creating these printable beauties via Canva designs. View the entire collection of printables for all occasions on this page: FREE printable cards. These sweet little thank you notes are ideal for showing friends, neighbors, co-workers and … Read more

Beautiful Friendship Thank You Cards

Most of us have experienced that true friends are hard to find. And for many of us, the number of best friends we have can be counted on one hand or two. So take the time to water your friendships by showering these special people with random acts of sweetness and small kindnesses straight out … Read more

Printable Hospitality Thank You Cards

You’ve just enjoyed a beautiful morning, afternoon or evening at someone’s home. You can use the printable hospitality thank you cards on this page to put a smile on their face and let them know how much you appreciated spending time with them. Because it’s just plain good manners to send out a handwritten thank … Read more

Birthday Thank You Card Printables

Happy Birthday! You had a fabulous celebration with family and friends. You had a nice cake, a delicious meal and received several thoughtful birthday gifts. Many friends and acquaintances left sweet birthday messages for you on Facebook or called to sing and send happy birthday wishes your way. This special page has plenty of printable … Read more

Business Referral Thank You Cards

Keep those business referrals flowing in by showing your customers, business associates, and friends that you appreciate each and every new client you receive because of their recommendations. Business referral thank you cards are an important part of any business marketing and promotional strategy. Happy customers are the perfect people to help you generate new … Read more

FREE Printable: Employee Farewell Greeting Card

When an employee retires or leaves for another reason, you want to send them off with a sincere employee farewell greeting card message. Although your feelings about the situation may be mixed, possibly ranging anywhere from sadness to joy, it’s good form to wish them well in the next phase of their life or career. … Read more

Printable Thank You Card for Advice

If you’ve been searching for a free printable thank you card for advice, you’ve come to the right place! We all know that asking for solid advice from knowledgeable family, friends and acquaintances can be very helpful when you’re faced with making a tough decision. Receiving practical insights from others can help you clarify the … Read more

Printable Invitations

Most everyone loves cute printable cards and freebies. And I love creating them for you! This brand new page contains beautiful printable invitations for all occasions. As I create new invites, this is where I’ll upload beautiful styles and designs that are free for you to download and use. This collection of printable invites will … Read more

Printable Wedding Thank You Cards

Congratulations to you and your spouse on your wedding! It was an amazing even and you’re filled with so much happiness and gratitude. Writing wedding thank you cards for guests after your big day is standard practice. But I must say, I don’t personally know many people who get excited and energized just thinking about … Read more

Printable Bereavement Thank You Cards

If you’ve reached this helpful page with printable bereavement thank you cards it’s because you’ve lost someone very precious to you. Family and friends have reached out with phone calls, emails, condolence cards, flowers, food, and memorial gifts. Others have helped you plan the funeral service, reception or a Celebration of Life event. Although we … Read more

Dinner Thank You Card Printables

Yay! You’ve just discovered our dinner thank you card printables page which is perfect for personal or business situations. The dinner you enjoyed was so delicious, but the company was even better! Any time you’re invited out for any meal at the other person’s expense, good manners dictate that you send out a thank you … Read more

Volunteer Thank You Cards

We all know that without the help of our volunteers our fabulous events, classroom projects, field trips, charitable efforts, fundraising extravaganzas, and festivals would not be able to be run efficiently, and would possibly not even take place. So how do you thank your volunteers and keep these awesome men and women jazzed about helping … Read more

Printables for Money/Cash Gifts

Woo-hoo! What’s better than receiving a gift of cold hard cash for any special occasion? The freedom to purchase something you really need or maybe just really want is absolutely terrific. There’s a warm and thankful feeling you get when you open up a greeting card and see the green. Because we all know that … Read more

Teacher Thank You Cards | FREE Printables

Teachers are the backbone of our school community. They spend untold (many of which are unpaid) hours preparing classroom curriculums, instructing our kiddos, and often playing babysitter and referee. Thank your child’s teacher with a beautiful thank you card plus a sweet little gift. Ideas are gift cards for Starbucks or Amazon, a certificate for … Read more