Gifts for Teachers | Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teachers are classroom rock stars! They¬†put an overflow of energy, love, and time into teaching our children and enriching their lives. They introduce new ways of thinking and problem solving. They provide resources to help our children build up their funds of knowledge. As parents it’s important that we show our appreciation to both teachers … Read more

Teacher Thank You Note Wording

Dear _______________, What a wonderful year it’s been! As my Student Government teacher you have been such an amazing inspiration to me and our whole senior class. Thank you so much for all the school, social, and college advice you’ve given to me this year. As you know, some of it has been really life … Read more

Teacher Thank You Card Wording

Dear _______________, Thank you so much for your kindness and for helping our kids fundraise for science camp. I know how hard it must be trying to assist a classroom of children who want to enjoy an important field trip experience but lack the financial means to needed to pay. And dealing with the additional … Read more

Teacher Thank You Card Message

Dear _______________, Thank you so much for going the extra mile to help the students in your science class understand the course material and develop a real enthusiasm for learning. They’re discovering that principals taught in the classroom have real-world applications. As a parent I greatly appreciate the new after-school science club you started to … Read more

Teacher Thank You Note Wording for Cards

Dear _______________, Thank you so much for such a fabulous school year! Because of your incredible teaching style my son has begun to love math and science, subjects he was previously struggling in. From speaking with other parents I learned that across the board your students’ test scores rose dramatically from the previous year. I … Read more

Teacher Thank You Cards | FREE Printables

Teachers are the backbone of our school community. They spend untold (many of which are unpaid) hours preparing classroom curriculums, instructing our kiddos, and often playing babysitter and referee. Thank your child’s teacher with a beautiful thank you card plus a sweet little gift. Ideas are gift cards for Starbucks or Amazon, a certificate for … Read more

Thank You Message for Teacher

Dear _______________, The week before school started when I saw the posting of classroom lists for teachers and students, I knew my daughter had hit the jackpot! You are such a beloved teacher with a lot of experience and a fantastic teaching style. After a year under your wing Nikki’s test scores have improved by … Read more

Teacher Thank You Note Message

Dear _______________, Thank you so much for teaching me an incredible number of new things this year. I learned a lot in your class and I really appreciate it. Thanks also for adopting my hamster Tony. Even though his cage stinks a little he loves being a classroom pet. All in all this has been … Read more