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Teacher Thank You Note Wording for Cards

Dear _______________,

Thank you so much for such a fabulous school year! Because of your incredible teaching style my son has begun to love math and science, subjects he was previously struggling in. From speaking with other parents I learned that across the board your students’ test scores rose dramatically from the previous year. I credit your patience, your classroom’s upbeat vibe and your staunch belief in each of your students’ ability to achieve great things. You are such a beloved teacher by students and parents alike. Next year we’re going to miss having you as his teacher.

Thanks again,


Teacher Thank You Card Message and Wording

Thank You Letter to Preschool Teacher

Dear _______________,

Thank you for being such a wonderful and loving preschool teacher. You made Emily’s first experience going to school fun and exciting! She absolutely loved circle time when you would sing with the children and read beautiful stories to them. Her time with you fueled her sense of wonder and amazement about our world. With the reasoning, motor, academic and social skills she’s learned in preschool Emily is fully prepared to attend kindergarten in the fall. I look forward to seeing her grow and bloom while soaking up new information and experiences like a little sponge. Thank you so much for a fantastic year!

With great appreciation,

(Your Name Here)

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Middle School Teacher Thanks

Dear _______________,

Thanks for being such an excellent middle school teacher, mentor and friend to each of your students. You instilled them with the motivation and drive they need to achieve academic success as they enter high school. By equipping them with study tools and an efficient organizational framework for improved productivity, you’ve given them a gift that will keep on giving. You were my son’s favorite teacher. Thanks for a stellar year!



Teacher Thank You Note

Dear _______________,

I wanted to drop by this little note to tell you just how much you’re appreciated! I know that sometimes teaching a classroom full of 5th graders may seem like a thankless job. You might sometimes feel more like a referee, babysitter and counselor with all the girl drama, rivalry and hormones this age group is experiencing. But all of the love, time, and long hours you invest in your students has not gone unnoticed. I feel so grateful that my daughter has you as her teacher this year. Academically you are creating super stars of each one of them. Thank you so much for everything you do each and every day.

With gratitude,


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